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Our Story


In many countries, the Tulip is a sacred symbol of all kinds of love, seduction, and reunion. Ranging from white to red, each area has its own legend based on the colors.

In the Turkish culture, the Zambak Tulip is a symbol of true love. This came from a legend that occurred back in the Ottoman Era; a man and a woman fell in love. The man was a prince and the woman was a concubine, till eyes lit a fire and sparks ignited.

A village back then was writhing in drought, so the concubine dug a well to get water back into the village, but she died digging. She succeeded in getting the water back, but her lover-the prince, threw himself off a cliff because he couldn't stand her absence. His seeping blood resulted in the red Zambak gracing Turkey with its present.

The legend inspired us to create the perfect place where all kinds of love are presence. Zambak will embrace romantic love, friendly love, familial love and most importantly the love for food in our Turkish environment; since every bite will get your senses tingling with our tantalizing Turkish food.

Celebrate true love because there isn't anything like it...  

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